Prof. Dr. János Nacsa MD, PhD


Founder of VRG, Principal Investigator, researcher, microbiologist, immunologist.


  • He has been participated in the development of the only human-effective HIV/AIDS vaccine to date.
  • He received his MD and PhD from the University of Szeged in the field of anti-HIV drug development, and during this time he also conducted research at the University of Manchester, the Aix-Marseille Université and the Humboldt University in Berlin.
  • As a postdoctoral Fogarty fellow conducted research in the US at the Center for Biologics, Evaluation and Research (CBER) of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and also as a Fogarty Fellow and then as Visiting Scientist at the National Cancer Institute (NCI), National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the field of virology and cellular immunology.
  • He has achieved pioneering results in pre-clinical AIDS preventive and therapeutic vaccine research. He is one of the developers of a worldwide patented therapeutic AIDS immunization based on immune reconstitution.
  • He previously co-discovered and patented at the University of Szeged and Humboldt University a family of compounds that inhibit multidrug resistance, which is responsible for the resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapeutic drugs.
  • His results were published in major international journals as in Nature Medicine, J. Immunology, J. Virology.
  • He is currently the Director of Research and Development of the National Blood Transfusion Service and a Visiting Professor at the University of Szeged.