Szekér Patrik MSc


Patrik Szekér got his Biochemical engineering degree at University of Pannonia in 2017. As a member of the National Scientific Students’ Association he engaged in the research at the university early on, and gained a lot of expertise in microbiology and bacteriology and due to these in genetic engineering and protein engineering as well.
Through his previous research work he designed and produced recombinant proteins for biosensoric applications. In 2017 he won the Károly Ereky Prize of the University with his BSc thesis work written in applied biotechnology.
During his studies he had the chance to spend a month in Japan at Gifu University, where he had an insight into the research of building supramolecular hydrogel for controlled drug release.
In 2019, based on his outstanding performance at his Chemical engineering MSc final exam, he won the L. T. FAN and EVA FAN Scholarship which is given to a senior chemical engineer student by the Dean of the Faculty based on the proposition of the chairmen of the final examination board.