Pursuant to the decision of The National Research, Development, and Innovation Office made on December 12, 2019, in the application of supporting the R+D+I activities of companies, the Vascular Venture Kft won the support of 496,355,200 HUF. The total cost is 701,380,000 Ft, the intensity of the support is 70.77 %.


Application identification number:  KFI_16-2017-0524


Name: The development of a new, tumor-inhibiting substance from the venom of scorpions, and its comparison with tissue matrix inhibitor metalloproteinase-2 of human plasma origin.


The aim of the attained subsidy for research and development by the Vascular Venture Kft is the development of molecules applied in new tumor therapy and diagnostics.


The research group is searching for the key solution in nature and the world of animals.  Animal venoms, such as that of sea snails, scorpions, or snakes evolved over millions of years in order to cripple or kill the prey within seconds.  As a result, toxins in animal venoms attack fundamental physiological functions, for example, the nervous system and blood circulation.  More precisely, the target of these toxins are the dozens of molecules that are responsible for the operation of the nervous system and blood circulation, for instance, one target is the acetylcholine receptor, which plays a crucial role in the movement of the muscles, or the fibrinogen, which is central to the functioning of coagulation.


Since the targets of the toxins play a crucial part in fundamental physiological functions, it is not surprising that these molecules are considered as pharmaceutical targets in the treatment of numerous diseases.   This idea is underlined by the fact that today around 20 medicines originate from animal venom, for instance, medicine for heart attack, high blood pressure, cardiac failure, diabetes, or medicines to relieve chronic pain, treating 40 million patients around the world.   In addition, other toxins are in the phase of clinical trials for autoimmune diseases and cancer.


The research group consists of pharmacologists, molecular biologists, cell biologists and immunologists who have acquired knowledge and experience at prestigious national and international institutions such as the Semmelweis University, the University of Eötvös Loránd, or in institutions in the United States, like the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Central for Biologics Evaluation and Research, Food and Drug Administration, Yale University, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, or in other acknowledged centers like the Karolinska Institute.  Besides its resources, the research group relies on cooperating with local professionals skilled in life sciences and biotechnology.


The goal and the expected result of the 2-year-long research are to develop lead molecules that can be potentially used in tumor therapy and diagnosis; furthermore, that form scientific and intellectual property as well.


The project’s scheduled date for completion: 31/12/2019


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