Dr. Zoltán Takács PharmD, PhD



Zoltan Takacs is a molecular pharmacologist and inventor specialized in the functional and genomic aspects of ligand-receptor interactions. He is the co-inventor of Designer Toxins, a technology platform for the high-throughput screening of animal venom toxins in search of novel therapeutic leads. Takacs’ Designer Toxin libraries resulted in leads for Kv1.3 K+ channel implicated in autoimmune diseases, and a ligand for KcsA, the first K+ channel whose structure was established by X-ray crystallography yet it lacked a selective inhibitor. Takacs holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology from Columbia University, he completed his postdoctoral research at Rockefeller University and Yale University, and was a faculty at the University of Chicago before launching ToxinTech aimed for the development of novel therapeutic leads from animal venoms. He is a recipient of the Columbia Earth Institute Fellowship and National Geographic Society’s Emerging Explorer awards. From academia to biotech, Takacs has lectured widely around the world, and has an established international network for accessing toxin samples. His research has been featured on CNN, BBC, PBS and the National Geographic Channel.