Dr. Sándor Farkas MD, PhD


  • Non-clinical pharmacologist and drug developer with over 33 years of experience in the Pharma Industry.
  • He received his MD and PhD degrees, at Semmelweis University Budapest and University of Pécs, respectively, and worked as a research scientist at University of Tokyo.
  • Particular areas of expertise include all phases of early drug development from target identification to non-clinical support of clinical development.
  • He has specialty expertise in electrophysiology, pain- and migraine research, safety pharmacology, integrated and balanced evaluation of efficacy, safety and ADME data and preparing relevant sections of regulatory documentation.
  • He has provided training and education of doctors and scientists in pharmaceutical medicine and has received training in GLP and GCP.
  • Author of 38 scientific publications and co-inventor of 22 patent applications involving 6 drug candidates reaching clinical development.
  • His current job at Vascular Research Group is scientific project coordination to assure good science in line with industrial standards.